Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nothing for kids to do!!–REALLY!!

I have been reading and watching the news with interest over the last few weeks regarding the riots that have plagued the UK. Once again we are hearing the same old story that there is nothing for the youth of today to do! Sorry if im sounding like a grumpy old man but are they really seriously saying this! All i had or indeed needed as a child was a bike a football and a field! and if these were not available my logical next step was not to go out and smash the windows or set the local shop on fire, or steal things that were not mine!

I'm sorry but this excuse is complete and utter nonsense and if society continues to let people or organisations or government play the ‘it’s someone else's fault’ game we will be blaming all manner of life’s wrongdoings on ridiculous things.  Here is a list of some of the things that have been blamed:

1. Nothing for them to do
2. The Police
3. The Government
4. Blackberry
5. IPhone
6. The Parents

All of these apart from number 6 are the most ridiculous things I have heard, the truth is they are being brought up to believe that they can be lazy bastards and don't have to work for anything in life, they are being told and because they see their parents raising them and their 20 brothers and sisters  while claiming benefits including houses, cars and about £40,000 per year!! They cant work! but are perfectly capable of making 20 kids and walking to the shops for their 20 lamberts and 2ltr bottles of cider every day!

so lets look at the 6 reasons more closely

1. Nothing for them to do:

what the f**k you on about nothing for them to do – there is soo much more for youth to do today than there ever has been, there are much more things to do do now than 15 – 20 years ago its just their parents are too f***ing bone idle to do anything with their kids.

2. The Police

the response from the police force was swift and effective, people have to start understanding that there is no point saying this and that should of been done because they are always commenting in hindsight! which any monkey can do! Don't you think if the police had a crystal ball and be able to see into the future they would of done the euro millions and f**ed off abroad and left you all to it! Once the police saw the way it was going the reacted immediately]

3. The Government

Cant really blame the government can we we all know they all regardless of which party can only do the same job.

4. & 5. Blackberry/Iphone

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS!! how the hell can we blame bbm or whats app or any other instant messaging system for riots. If those systems were not there they would just text each other. THIS ISSUE IS REALLY THE MOST STUPID OF ALL THE THINGS IN THE BLAME GAME.

6. The Parents

Yes you are to blame, so firstly sort yourselves out, then go sort your kids out – YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THIS!!  

Going to stop writing now as im getting angrier

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Carlos Tevez

Looks like the CT issue is still hanging over Manchester City before the start of this season. Hopefully they will sell him before the season starts and preferably to a club outside the premier league.

I just don't understand why there seems to always be an issue with him, I can understand  the reasoning that he wants to be closer to his family, however his rumoured move to Italy does not make sense, if his family is in Argentina how does moving to Italy enable him to spend more time with them? Is it just me or is Italy further away from Argentina?

Also if as he claims he wants to do another 3 seasons in Europe before moving back to south America for good surely his family can sacrifice 3 years for him and go with him, why are they staying in Argentina!! This is just nonsense!

Time to grow up Mr Tevez 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Why do we agonise over nonsense!!!!!

I have realised today that the whole point of this blog, the whole reason I started it in the first place is complete and utter nonsense. I decided to do this as an outlet to vent my anger or frustrations at all the annoyances of life. But I have come to the startling if not shocking conclusion that it is all utterly futile, pointless, egotistical even.

I have ranted about TV programmes and football mainly but life is much more important than that, there are much more important things in life than moaning about things that make you angry. There are people out there who suffer genuine pain and misery who’s lives have been devastated by major events, death and destruction and we all sit here and agonise over absolute nonsense worrying about things that are so trivial so materialistic that we should be ashamed of thinking them.


We also cause our own pain and misery by virtue of our actions, we do it to ourselves, we do things we shouldn't, say things we shouldn’t and then agonise about how hurt or lost we are, that we are not getting this or that out of life and while we waste our existence on this nonsense, not only does life pass us by but we ignore the people out there who are in real pain have real agonies which they had no control over. 

We have become a society of moaners, constantly whinging about being wronged. Well we have not been wronged WE CONTROL OUR ACTIONS AND OUR LIVES!!!! and we are the only ones who can make a difference.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Britain's Got Talent

The title is fundamentally flawed, the programme this year i think has proved beyond all doubt that Britain certainly does not have talent. From the judges to the contestants the program has been woefully poor, even more so with Mr Cowell back in his seat.

Don’t get me wrong there are some individuals who are very good, but on the whole it is the same old thing over and over again, dance groups and singers and very little in between. Granted they are good but we have been there done that! Can no one come up with something new and innovative instead of inflicting the same old rubbish over and over again. 

I am afraid that it is time for the show to end, unless there are major changes to its format im afraid it has run its course, after milking the success of Paul Potts and then Sue Bo it has become limp, boring and impossible to watch.

Time to move on to the next thing…………………any ideas???


Right, this will be my last football related post for a while, as I see that I am writing quite a bit about football. But this post must be written about FIFA.

The re-election of Seb Blatter is a joke and should not have been allowed to happen, if any other Football Association other than England had asked for the election to be postponed it would have been postponed. People’s opinions/hatred for England I believe has got their backs up and this is why they voted against the idea. I believe that most of the FA’s of the world think that the election should not have happened but unfortunately their opinions of England has clouded their judgement, they also don't like the freedom that the British press have (although I'm fairly certain the British press don't think they have much freedom these days).

However one thing that is certain this will be Mr Blatter’s last stint and I have my doubts that he will complete these four years before stepping down.

In my opinion FIFA does nothing for football, awarding world cups to countries can be done by anyone, they do not bring any benefits whatsoever to the game. in fact i would say they are more suited to being a private members club for people who like football.

It is surely time to take the game back it is not your game FIFA it is our game and by our game i mean football fans all over the world (I am not English)

Testing 1

Just testing some software

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Barcelona - The Greatest team on earth?

Barcelona have just given the whole world a masterclass in how the beautiful game should be played! Not only do they have the best player in the world but they are without doubt the best team in the world. Man utd had no chance against them, even if united had played to their absoloute best they did not stand a chance against the relentless Barca.

Even Fergie had to admit that Barca were the better team and deserved to win, showing some very rare humility for a man that is famous for being a bad looser.

Wel done Pep and the team. Outstanding!